How To Choose The Best Tablet For Me

How To Choose The Best Tablet For Me is the best question of a consumer in the growing number of tablets on offer. Moreover, if this question out of someone less follow the development of tablet technology and it is difficult to ascertain the difference between a tablet with ereader, between a tablet with phabet  or among tablets with ultrabooks.

Best tablet for you is not always that expensive or has a lot of features. It may be the best tablet for you is not a cheap Android tablet. Best tablet for you is a tablet that can meet your demands. If you do not need a tablet, then there will not be one of the best tablet for you.

In principle is the alignment between the needs of your tablet with the ability to meet your needs. Every person has different needs, smart consumers will not start choosing a tablet with doing a specs comparison between brands. But assessing what their needs are, and everyone's needs are different.

Even a person who likes to read and spend a lot of time to read will not find the best tablet, because actually need an ebook reader. Conversely, a person who has high mobility and often send messages written over takes tablet with 3G connection, although it has a few features.

Provision is needed to choose the best tablet for you, not your ability to know the various brands tablet with different specifications. But your ability to recognize your own needs. What is your job, what are the advantages that you will gain can have a tablet?

Then the easy way, recognize the specifications each tablet. Specifications of the tablet has a direct relationship with your needs. By looking tablet specifications to suit your needs, then you will find the best tablet for you. Do not mind ads on the advantages of a tablet, as it may lead tablet that does not suit your needs. Some basic specs you need to know is:

Screen Size
The screen size will be relevant with the size of the tablet, if you like a big screen and you've used to go with carry bag, the size of 10-inch tablet is the best choice for you. You will have the convenience of using the big screen and do not find it hard to go take a tablet.
But if you used to go without a carry bag, the best tablet is the 7-inch size, because it can be inserted pockets. The problem is if you feel more comfortable using a 10-inch tablet, but it is not unusual to go carry bag and want to use the tablet while on the go.

If you want to use a tablet for many purposes, such as recording video and taking photo, used as a navigation tool to search for a location, browse the internet and send e-mails and doing updates on social media, or are often used to play the game. Then you need to choose a tablet that can run a dual-core processor or better.

Having a tablet with the goal used for many purposes, but is equipped with a low processor - will only make you feel irritated. The results of your blood pressure will often rise, hopefully you do not have a stroke. Conversely,  if you want to have a tablet to use reading, then buy a tablet is the most stupid choice. Because the best to replace the book is ebook reader. You only need to recharge the battery every month, compared with a tablet that has a life time of only 8 hours, so you need to recharge the battery every day.

Internal Memory
If you also use the tablet to store a lot of files, then the selecting tablet that supports microSD cards to increase storage space. Without storage space with a large capacity, you can not save the results of browsing the internet or the results of the work in the tablet.

Some tablets are operated only by using a Wi-Fi network, it does not matter as long as you use the tablet in an environment that has a Wi-Fi network. But if you are using a tablet serig in various places, then the best option is a tablet with Wi-Fi version plus 3G. You have to add the SIM for 3G, but it's better than you cursing in public, because the breakdown of Wi-Fi networks.

Tablet is a support device that you can use to leverage your time optimally. For example, writing a letter while waiting for a train or is the train ride. Take pictures when you find the necessary momentum perpetuated, or design concepts in a simple design to keep the idea that suddenly appeared.

But to create the perfect design, you definitely will use the Desktop PC because it has a more complete program, larger storage space and higher speeds. Similarly, to take pictures in a professional manner, you will choose a digital camera that is designed to meet that need. Even if you have a hobby of reading, then you will feel more comfortable using e-book reader than a tablet.

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